Subsidence of Rosemary Lane

 Rosemary Lane By Freshford Mill Bridge

This photograph taken early in November 2006 shows part of Rosemary lane, where there is normally room to park three vehicles, reduced by barriers that have been placed because an extensive crack in the river bank has opened up

Freshford Mill is on the opposite bank.

Subsidence of Rosemary Lane by Freshford Mill Bridge
Subsidence Rosemary Lane near Frehsford Mill Bridge Somerset

The Vital Importance of Roads in the Countryside

Another view of the subsidence area.  As I have mentioned before, roads in the countryside are used much more than in towns, this is because there are very few roads in the countryside. It follows that country roads are very important to local people.  There can often be only one road joining village to village. (It is also worth re-reading Vehicular Access)

If Rosemary lane needs to be closed to make this area safe it will be closed for a long time and will cause locals a lot of inconvenience. At present in Freshford village there is a closed road (Dark Lane) which has been closed due to subsidence of the roadside bank.  That particular bank had been bulging for months and nothing was done until it fell in to the road, it could have been worse involving injury to road users. (work completed)

Other roads in and out of Freshford are regularly closed forcing traffic onto different routes. For example Church lane a main route to the A36 On the 16th November there will be major disruption to New Road which is in the centre of the village this coupled with the closure of Dark Lane will lead to inevitable delays.

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