Video Films of Roads in Freshford

The following videos consist of some very large files and I mean large >10MB

Video Survey of the Road system in Freshford  2006-2007

These films of the road system in Freshford in Bath and North-East Somerset (BANES) were made in  2006.  Each video film is of one trip into and out of Freshford or to Freshford Mill (Peradins). I have also extended the survey to include all of the roads in Freshford. I think that a reasonable quality of playback is important in order to appreciate not only the infrastructure but also the attractiveness of this village. Where the car and camera approaches a road junction titling has been added. Click on an appropriate  map to open the video file.

Planning Applications

This collection of video films provides a documentary resource for considering planning applications in relation to the local transport network and needs to be considered in relation to the photographs of the roads junctions that are published here

The A36 heading South from Bath via Ashes Lane Freshford to Freshford Mill -the former Peradins factory. This is the shortest route to Freshford Mill for traffic heading from Bristol and Bath Freshford map with Ashes Lane route to Freshford Mill indicated
Staples Hill - the only route to Freshford From Bradford on Avon and Trowbridge. This trip goes down to the centre of the village and then leaves by Crowe Lane which leads to Lower Limpley Stoke.
Freshford Mill to Freshford Station and back.

Two videos to the station and back to the Freshford Mill

Freshford Mill to High Street Freshford via Rosemary Lane along The Tyning
High Street Freshford to Staples Hill

Traffic Congestion by the School 1

This journey was undertaken when children are being collected from Freshford Primary School. The video clearly shows the present congestion and the second video in accessible from the frame below confirms that congestion

Traffic Congestion by the School 2

This journey was undertaken when children are being collected from Freshford Primary School. The video clearly shows the present congestion which extends right up to the cemetery. The school bus from St Lawrence school is also scheduled to arrive in Freshford at the same time.

Freshford Mill to Staples Hill via Mill Lane and on to routes to Bradford On Avon -the nearest supermarket and petrol station. And to Trowbridge the nearest largest shopping centre. This route is the shortest route to the A4 and M4 via Chippenham
When the High Street is blocked or congested motorists who are familar with the village take a short cut. The short cut is along Dark Lane through to Church Hill and vice-versa. Traffic from Bath and Bristol can enter Freshford via either Crowe or Church Lanes

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