Junction of the A36 with Abbey Lane

Junction of the A36 with Abbey Lane an Access Road to Freshford

In all of these photographs the vehicles may be entitled to travel, except where stated, at a speed of up to 60 mph. The vehicles you see are moving, unless they are waiting to join the road. The vehicle on the right had actually partially reversed into the A36! just before the Sainsbury's lorry below

Junction Abbey lane with A36
A36 Junction with Abbey Lane Most of the photos were taken on a Saturday at lunch time. Careful scrutiny of the map will reveal that all three junctions with the A36 are dangerous, as they are located with inclined access at a sharp angle with the A36 and  involve fast moving heavy traffic. The A36 is a single carriageway road with poor visibility due to double bends and inclines.  Heavy vehicles, like the Sainsbury lorry weighing up to 28 tons usually  travel within the 60 mph speed limit but it is indicative of the mentality of other road users that such lorries have a tailback of other vehicles trailing behind who want to travel faster.

 It is common practice in the west country to set fire to speed trap cameras which may be one reason why there are only two radar traps that I am aware of between Bristol and Salisbury.

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