Department for the Environment

The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs doesn't seem to have a 'mission statement' but the heading on its web site is suitably apt:

Defra works for the essentials of life: water, food, air, land, people, animals and plants

John Prescott's statement below is perhaps the main aim of the department:

“Creating Sustainable Communities means putting

sustainable development into practice. Sustainable

Communities must combine social inclusion, homes,

jobs, services, infrastructure and respect for the

environment to create places where people will want

to live and work now and in the future.”


'We will protect the countryside for the benefit of all.'

Rt. Hon. John Prescott MP, Deputy Prime Minister, February 2005


(comment: hear! hear! and here! here!)

Unfortunately, it would seem that many local councils if not parish councils seem to think that they need or are obliged or feel under pressure to approve planning applications for more dwellings in their area

 A village like Freshford, perhaps one of the smallest most highly populated parishes in England is apparently under pressure for more building. Every village one has to suppose needs to expand to accommodate its children? In which case the expanded village will face more pressure to grow, and so to grow, and grow.

Services? certainly at least a village school. where children of the village and living near the village can grow up together. Then to be split up in Freshford's case because catchment areas mean that the village children will have to go to different secondary schools. (parental choice?)

Will we want to live in a village where a new settlement is to be built, even though such a development is not sustainable as mentioned elsewhere for several reasons and where our beautiful environment that we are fortunate to live in will have an inevitable increase in traffic through it.

Sustainable? can the United Kingdom provide enough food to provide for everyone? what will happen to us all when the increasing price of fuel makes imported food more expensive?

Infrastructure? we need to go at least 4 miles to buy fuel. We need fuel, even if we are retired, to travel to buy food!


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