HRH Prince of Wales

In his book "A Vision of Britain" his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales has lamented the manner in which our built environment has been damaged by unsympathetic development, by a notion that new is better. He has also restated the case for respecting nature.

"We must respect the land. It is our birthright and almost every inch of it is densely layered with our island history"

"We must protect the land. We need, for all sorts of complex historical and psychological reasons, to keep a sense of wilderness. The green belts are a valuable contribution to the preservation (even if sometimes this is an illusion) of our countryside."

I don't know whether Prince Charles is familiar with the river Frome at Freshford, but the late Princess Margaret was, to her Freshford was, and still is, a special place. I am sure that she would have preferred that the former Peridin's factory be removed and the site restored to nature rather than the present proposal, which is to build a new unsustainable settlement there.

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