Buildings of Historical Interest at Freshford Mill -Peradins

The photographs below taken at the end of December 2006 are of the older buildings located at Freshford Mill - the former Peradins factory site in Somerset.  The rare bats are roosting, or used to roost in one or more of these buildings but owing to lack of security and vandalism their peace has been disturbed.

All the buildings are open to intruders due to door and windows being opened up by destruction of glass and removal of poorly secured boarding.

Substantial old building in state of disrepair at Freshford Mill

window with poor security measures at Freshford Mill Somerset

The proper solution to secure windows would have been to fix 18mm plywood panels on the inside with expansion bolts. Or clamp similar panels both inside and outside held together by bolts with security nuts. This "wire netting" could be removed by hand!

Old building at Freshford Mill in a state of disrepair

old building at Freshford Mill open to intruders by access via dangerous stairs
old building Freshford Mill open to intruders

old building Freshford Mill Somerset with measures taken to retain gable wall

Intruder damage to old building at Freshford Mill Somerset
Old building Freshford Mill with nice windows

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