Nanny State

Nanny State like NIMBY is another term that is used to attack people, in this case the government. Well meaning plans to alter the legislation by a government to protect the people, from themselves, or from a threat that some people believe they should reject themselves. (my definition)  There is some support for the notion from the people, for example a BBC report:

Its an unpleasant term. a nanny is a person usually of advanced age who takes care of children or who is someone's grandmother.  I believe that it could show disrespect for older people.  I don't believe that we should respect people just because they are old, but apart from respecting everyone from the youngest child to the elderly, we should realise that older people have often made the mistakes that we are going to make!

There is a danger that we are personally overconfident, we may well be quite capable ourselves, but may not always be so. We have very limited access to the expert advice that the state has access to, and our thinking can be erroneous if our conclusions are based on only some of the facts.  We have decided, or rather our ancestors fought in the past, for the right to have an elected government to make decisions for us. We hope and place our trust in our system of government that will usually make the best decisions on our behalf. It is rarely thought desirable to have referendums and those that are only to ready to call for referendums don't realise how much this particular instrument of democracy costs.

Apart from how competent we feel we are, there are many people, who would admit that they have a limited ability to make the most appropriate decisions, they are out of their depth.   We all need guidance, and are entitled to protection.  Those who say they are quite capable of making their own decisions are really a minority and often assert their opinions as being representative of most of the people.  The role of the media through newspapers and television has a powerful effect on what we think is needed. Public opinion is shaped and formed by the media. What is shocking is that the people that advise us and govern us can make mistakes, irrespective of the vested interests that may influence their decisions.

I and other residents of Freshford believe that the local government has made a serious mistake in deciding to permit the proposed development by Surrey & Counties (Suttons) Ltd

In this particular case we want the "Nanny State" to intervene in the proposed development of Freshford Mill.  


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