Not In My Backyard. This acronym is a term for a person who resists unwanted development, such as manufacturing plants, prisons, power companies, or chemical companies in his or her own neighbourhood or town

A person who hopes or seeks to keep some dangerous or unpleasant feature out of his or her neighbourhood NIMBYism the attitude of such a person

This term is being used to attack virtually anyone who tries to defend their neighbourhood from development. Often resistance to the developers comes almost entirely from local people, this wholly natural reaction makes good sense and is not at all reprehensible.  Who else would care? what's happening in France? or Scotland? if you had a recent holiday in an area, perhaps France,  where there is a proposed development that undermines the attractiveness of the area, then you may take a special interest in that area. It is not selfish to resist an unpleasant feature planned for your area, it is your duty to take an interest, after all you live there! who else will take an interest?

In respect to the Freshford Mill planning application, apart from cleaning up the derelict buildings and waste, which should be undertaken, the building of 21 dwellings is not needed by the local community. And even if there is a need for housing within the community why build in an outstanding part of the Frome Valley? There are fields adjoining the village of Freshford that could be built on, except that as each field is privately owned the only way that such land could be used is by compulsory purchase.

There are even people who hold the view that the increase in housing that the nation needs should be spread equally over the land.  Without regard for the quality of the land that may be used for that housing, is this just a lack of sensibility on their part or do they really think they have a point?  Where has this increase in population come from?

We can't all live where we would like to live. For example, Regents Park in London is a particularly pleasant area to live in. There are fine detached houses with large gardens. However, to live in one of those houses will cost several million pounds! If you have the money then you may decide to buy a house in that part of London. Possible our present Prime Minister may like to live in Regents Park, but I doubt whether he could afford to!


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