Sunset 19th December Freshford Mill

The photograph below has been taken a few minutes before the sun sets behind the wooded hillside. Note that it is almost 2pm . Apart from the gloom and dampness that must surround any proposed settlement in a valley bottom which is close to densely wooded steep hills there is also noise. Being a former mill, the mill race, although visually exciting, has a constant  iritating, thunderous noise. This unavoidable nuisance is not at all like that of the seaside's ebb and flow of the waves as the water rushing through the mill race  hardly varies from day to day. At other times in the year, although the sun reaches its zenith at a greater altitude the closest trees, which are located in a conservation area will have leaves on them and will cast their shadow. If you live here, I doubt whether you will be able to enjoy sitting in sunshine having an after work evening drink.

Technical Note:

The photographs were displayed in a browser the properties feature was selected and a copy of the photo made to the clipboard. The screenshot was then cropped and re-saved as a jpeg. This procedure was followed to enable the date and time of the photos to be displayed

The sun is low -the convergence of the sunbeams determines its altitude. Note that there is deep shadow for a considerable distance from the nearest building. This particular cluster of buildings is quite a way from those that are closer to the mill race and the river Frome.
Midwinter sunshine at Frehsford Mill Somerset taken at 12:28pm

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