High Street Junction with The Hill & Church Hill

Church Hill Freshford and the Junction with The Hill and High Street  

This photograph is taken from Church Hill looking toward The Hill and the junction with the High Street. Taken on Saturday there are cars parked that would usually be used to travel to work and the occasional visitor.

There is a public telephone box on the left by the entrance to St Peters church. Both hills join at the junction almost like a roller coaster.  Some traffic use Church Hill as another route through the village centre.  The photos below show how undesirable this really is.

Church Hill Freshford Bath and North-East Somerset A view looking up Church Hill towards the junction with High Street and The Hill. The Hill is the route that is used by motorists travelling to and from Trowbridge and Bradford on Avon. Church Hill is just as steep as The Hill and is narrow as can be seen by the parked vehicles that are using the single pavement.
Church Hill Freshford Bath and North-East Somerset  

A view in the opposite direction. Being at the heart of the village there is a mixture of old and new. Most of the new build is just as attractive as the older buildings the result of the fact that this is a conservation area.  Some dwellings have there own gardens, whilst others do not and must enjoy their neighbours and the surrounding green spaces.

Lower Down Church Hill,  Freshford Bath and North-East Somerset
A larger picture that shows that Church Hill is only suitable for access and some of the attractiveness of the village centre

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