Freshford Mill Bridge

Horses in Rosemary lane beside the Freshform Mill site

Horses on Freshford Mill Bridge and a local supervising her Swimming Dogs in the River Frome

These photographs show Freshford Mill bridge which is listed as an ancient monument with a maximum weight limit of 3 tons (the weight of a Rolls Royce plus a few horses)  There are three dogs swimming in the river and a little earlier some youngsters managed to come down from Iford on an airbed! Swimming in the Frome

Rosemary lane goes over the bridge via a double bend and after a short distance bends again around the perimeter of the Freshford Mill site. At present this is a quiet lane and should surely, be designated as a Quiet Lane. Recent subsidence threat to Rosemary Lane (November 2006)

Paul Hamblin, CPRE's Head of Transport, said:

'Highway authorities are stalling on Quiet Lanes in the absence of Government Regulations, despite frequent requests from residents for them to be established. We urge the Government to help highway authorities take action to create a pleasant, less intimidating and safer country road network for the benefit of all users.'

And for horses:

In flood all manner of flotsam and jetsam (full compliments to Microsoft for their correct spelling of that not uncommon couplet? come down the river. The photos below are of part of a tree that has been swept down the river (December 2005) it has been cut up by a local man who has his wood store nearby.  It is very difficult to imagine this piece of flotsam and also becoming jetsam! the depth of flood marker is also shown nearby. Its existence is evidence of the tendency of the River Frome to flood.

Flotsam and Jetsam Deposited on Freshford Mill Bridge by the Flooding River Frome Flood level Marker attached to the Wall of Freshford Mill
Flooded Rosemary lane beside Freshford Mill The flood in December 2005 deposited the fallen tree on the bridge. This particular photo was taken earlier. Its worthwhile to compare this photo with the one above showing the horses crossing the bridge to realise just how deep the water actually was.

A short walk down  the river from the bridge and the footpath enters Tyning woods a treasure at any time of the year and in any weather!

The photograph below was taken with a semi-professional digital camera and has been processed to fit on a web page. I also have some photographs taken on a large format professional film camera that I intend to place on this website soon.  Hopefully these photographs will help visitors to the website to realise just how irreplaceable this small part of our countryside really is.

Downstream of the bridge -the woods in spring -the ground covered in wild garlic

Woods and spring Garlic Flowering beside the River Frome in Somerset

Photograph taken with a Canon Powershot Pro 1 digital camera 1/60 second F: 2.8

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